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Life Restoration Center is designed to deal with the whole man, woman, boy and girl. Our desire is to address the issues of life that many people go through. We don't care where you've been when you come to us; but we dare you to remain in that place. Once you've had an experience with God, it is impossible to stay the same.

God said in Deuteronomy 30:19; "I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your seed may live". We have a choice today. God is telling us to choose life and blessing. However; most people have chosen, and are choosing death and cursing. Whether it's bad choices, programming and conditioning, or ignorance, the results are still the same; a terrible cursed life full of heartache and pain.

Life Restoration Center is here to assist the lost, underserved, sick, hungry, the addict, alcoholic, incarcerated, the stepped on, lied to, the fallen, underprivileged, the locked up and locked out. Our mission is to empower each person that crosses our path by helping to restore them to their rightful place on this earth; a place of purpose; a place that they can become all that God has created them to become.

We believe that God has a specific purpose for each and every person He created. Most people have no idea who they are and why they are here. The number 1 biggest problem we face today is an identity problem. If we all woke up tomorrow morning with a clear understanding of our true purpose and reason for our being here. The face of our planet would change instantly!

We envision self-sufficient communities with citizens tapped into the true reason for their existence, doing what they were created to do. We see people using their gifts and talents to help others reach their full potential; assisting in creating businesses to produce strong striving companies and communities.

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Food Distribution:
This program will be available for LRC clients as well as the community.

Substance Abuse:
LRC will offer support sessions and training on a daily basis. It will also be used as a meeting site for NA/AA organizers.

Various employment training sessions including job search, interview techniques, resume writing, Attitudinal Training, and Life Management Skills will be offered.

Community informational sessions will be offered in an effort to educate and motivate clients to live healthier lives.

Spiritual Enrichment:
Spiritual enrichment sessions will be offered daily. We believe that real healing and deliverance first occurs as a spiritual experience.

Gifts Talents:
This will be a time of showcasing your talents; whether it is in dance, song, instrumental, poetry, or a display of acting skills.

FLJ headerMinister Frederick Jones

Minister Frederick L. Jones is a member of New Beginnings Ministries under the leadership of Apostle Clarence Lewis. He and his wife Janice are both Ordained Ministers serving as Armor Bearers for their Pastors. Fred is a Funeral Director at the Lawrence E. Moon Funeral Home. Teaching at My Brothers' Keeper men's shelter is also a passion of his.

Mr. Jones is the Founder and Director of Direct Impact (a Young Adult Ministry focused on restoration and empowerment); and Youth Embracing Successful Solutions (YESS Inc.), and he is also serving as Chaplain at the Genesee County Jail.

Fred was born and raised in Flint, graduating from Northwestern High School and Detroit College of Business. He was Honorably Discharged as a Sergeant, from the United States Marine Corps. He is the father of 3, and the Grandfather of 4.

Minister Jones is a strong Preacher, Teacher, and Motivational Speaker. He and his wife Janice both have a heart for building the Kingdom and strengthening all that cross their paths with a new way of thinking. They have created Life Restoration Center as the vehicle in order to do just that.

Through the various Ministries, their hope is to reach the lost, the hurt, the misguided misdirected, the confused, the addicted, and anyone else that might need Spiritual Enrichment and Life Management Skills.

JJ headerMinister Janice Jones

Janice Jones has been involved in Christian ministry most of her adult life. Her love for helping people is evident in her lifestyle of service. Janice has a passion for changing lives through the teaching and living example of biblical principles. She teaches with special emphasis on practical application.

A minister of the gospel, Janice is committed to doing all that she can to build the kingdom of God. She serves with her husband as Senior Leaders of Adult Ministries at her local church. She initiated and oversees Covenant Keepers, an outreach ministry for married and engaged couples within her church and the community it serves.

She passionately encourages women to pursue a life of passion and purpose with all their heart. She founded Sarah's Daughters, a Bible study and mentoring program for at risk teen-age young women with an emphasis on chaste living. She volunteers and devotes much of her life to the youth in her community. Her Service as a Christian camp counselor, vacation Bible school teacher, and supportive listener for children of domestic violence cases is just a few of the ways that she loves on God's people.

Walking beside her husband in the quest to teach people how to walk in the authority and dominion that God has given them by applying biblical principles of holiness, excellence, and faith is a challenge and an honor that she is committed to with her whole heart.

Chosen Vessels Outreach Program offers women services such as peer counseling, mentoring, education, and training from a Christian perspective. Our goal is to empower women to live healthy, productive, and prosperous lives. We seek to minister healing and restoration resulting in spiritual growth. Chosen Vessels outreach offers emergency assistance for food and shelter to economically disadvantaged women and their families.
The following services are the foundation of the Chosen Vessels program:

Peer Counseling
Women participate in group sessions led by experienced counselors. They are encouraged to seek out solutions and resources for the challenges they face while in a loving and compassionate environment

Women are encouraged to participate in various workshops and seminars for job skills training, conflict resolution, effective communication, and networking.

Women will be given the opportunity to take skills and assessment test to highlight gifts and abilities.


YESS Inc. (Youth Embracing Successful Solutions)
Youth Embracing Successful Solutions (YESS Inc.) is designed to assist young people in developing attitudes that eradicate self-defeating behavior and replacing them with liberating ones. Our goal here is to bring out the best in our young people and assist in their transition into adulthood. We desire to give them a new outlook on life and to present them with a new way of thinking; to help them discover their hidden gifts and talents, so that they may become all that they were created to be.

We want to help develop their awareness of self-love; teach them the principles of loving others; and help them to see the importance of spiritual enrichment; understanding universal laws and spiritual principles, with the understanding that there is Someone infinitely Bigger than we are.


Men of Destiny is a life enrichment program that is designed to help position and propel men into their rightful place of leadership, purpose, and destiny. MOD is directed toward men who are searching for answers to two of life's most often asked questions; "who am I and why am I here". This program has been strategically designed for men who are ready to find their true place in God's plan. They are ready to move out of their comfort zone and into their divine destiny.

We have assessed the dilemma that exist and have designed this program to contribute to the challenge. We are grounded in Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles, because we recognize the incredible power of these fundamental truths and we realize that we're all governed by them.

We all have greatness in us. It's our duty to expose as many men to theirs' as possible. I look forward to this most interesting and inviting challenge.

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